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Turning online tastings into new revenue streams

The Tasting Games is a new, innovative solution based on proven technology and designed to create new business drivers. You will be able to instantly offer tasting sessions to remote participants on any location. Create a unique user experience and a digital commerce model at once. Get started with data-driven marketing and create new revenue streams right now!

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Use cases

Now, you’ll have the opportunity to take The Tasting Games to your customers.
There are multiple ways to bring this to different target groups:

Offer The Tasting Games as a corporate event to your business relations, either remotely or on location. An engaging event where the Tasting will be combined with your corporate objective (eg product launch, relational event)


Offer The Tasting Games as a corporate event to your employees. A remote company or team event, but in an interactive and engaging way (eg digital all-hands, incentive)

Offer the Tasting Games to consumers. Sell the Tasting Box online or in-store and potentially upsell the prefered products tasted.

Potential Benefits


Product sales
Focus on generating sales by selling Tasting Boxes to your customers


New product-market combinations
Create an experience for specific new target groups
(eg ‘Tasting for Dummies’)


Loyalty booster
Offer a Tasting Game als a loyalty tool for customers to win prizes or gain discounts


Premium service
Develop a high-end

VIP-Tasting with unique products


Educate consumers about specific products while tasting



Offer The Tasting Games as an incentive to employees


Publice events

Organise culinary Tasting events based on The Tasting Games


In-company events

Organise a teambuilding experience or a social event, either

on-location or remotely

The Tasting Games will provide you with all underlying
technology, incl an app, the Content Management System (for producing the quiz) and a live videostreaming platform.

The possibilities are limitless

And the nice thing is there’s a sheer number of variations based on all sorts of different products like wine, chocolate, whiskey, cheese, beer, etc.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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License one of our solutions

There are multiple ways you could license The Tasting Games and take it to market. And don’t worry, you will remain in charge of the marketing, user acquisition and e-commerce activities.

The Tasting Games will provide you with the necessary technology.
Optional, we offer Professional Services to support you in the broadest way, e.g. if you would like:

  • To get support in digital strategy or business modelling

  • To outsource the sourcing of a Tasting Box

  • To have a professional presenter take care of the presentation

  • To outsource the videoproduction of The Tasting Games.

The Tasting Games is based on several building blocks.

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Custom project

If you have your own ideas about how to monetize our technology and we could develop a bespoke platform for you. Based on your specific needs and requirements a tailor-made version could be delivered.