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What is The Tasting Games?

In short, The Tasting Games is a solution to launch your tasting events in a digital world. In a gamified way, participants will taste products and will play with (and against) each other to answer the most questions correctly. For participants it’s a fun way to discover new products and to learn more about certain products. You will get an insight in the preferences of each participant, leading to new commercial opportunities.

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It works like this

First, participants order the Tasting Box and download the app. At the agreed time, they will join the live videostream in the app. The presenter (a host or a product expert) will guide the audience through the whole tasting experience. Simultaneously, all participants taste the products of the Tasting Box. With each product, questions will be asked. This can be in several ways: multiple choice, polls or ratings. After the question, the host reveals the correct anwser, telling some nice facts about the products everybody tasted. Answering the questions correctly results in earning points, so at the end there is a winner. Participants will have a really good time and an unforgettable tasting experience.

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The app

Our platform offers you the chance to ask questions about the products tasted. Interacting with the audience could be through multiple choice questions, polls or ratings.

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The underlying technology of The Tasting Games is proven and is also used for large-scale TV-broadcasts like The Voice and America Got Talent. We can interact with audiences up to 500,000 using our proven low-latency live streaming technology (which implies there is a minimum of delay in the audience interaction).

The Tasting Games include a simple to use app for the participants. Prior to the Tasting event you will be able to create your own interactions using our Content Management System. Here, you will also be able to generate all user data and analytics as well as feedback and performance. Stay in complete control with secure access and all necessary data protection (eg. GDPR-compliant).


Business opportunities

The Tasting Games is a great solution for any company offering food(related) products. Next, The Tasting Games is also available as a Covid-19 proof remote event to play with your employees or business relations. Read more about our business opportunities.