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Turning online tastings into new revenue streams

The Tasting Games is a new, innovative solution leveraging proven technology and business drivers. You will be able to instantly offer tasting sessions to remote participants on any location. Create a unique user experience and a digital commerce model at once. Get started with our data-driven approach and create new revenue streams right now!

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The Tasting Games

Offer your customers a combination of a gamified tasting with real products, a live video stream presented by a host and an interactive quiz about the products tasted. Whether it is for attracting new customers, customer loyalty, obtaining customer feedback or introducing new products. Book a demo to check it out.


A new and innovative way to offer tastings on-location or remotely

Be the first mover with this new tasting concept. The worlds first interactive, gamified concept for remote tasting. Ready to math the new demands of our time.
Scales up to any required capacity.

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Built on years of experience

The technology of The Tasting Games is the fundament of a platform that serviced many TV gameshows around the world: The Voice, America Got Talent, 1versus100, Deal Or No Deal and more recently interactive video projects for clients like Amazon, EA Sports, Heineken and Twitch.

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Our technology is currently used by the following companies

The Wine Tasting Games
South Africa

The Wine Tasting Games
The Netherlands

The Tasting Games
The Netherlands

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The Netherlands

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Proven track record

Concept and technology

The underlying technology is the same as we have developed to service the biggest TV game shows in the world (e.g. The Voice in 20+ countries, America Got Talent). Over time, we have built significant experience in how to engage with audiences through gamification. All of this is bundled in the platform behind The Tasting Games.

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Now is the moment

Concept and technology

Even in times of social distancing, The Tasting Games platform enables people to jointly participate in a tasting session. As long as there is an internet connection, people could play from their homes or from any other location. A joint interactive experience, but also in the safest way possible.

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Clear business model

Concept and technology

The Tasting Box enables you to create new business models. Regardless if it's B2C (e.g. selling Tasting Boxes) or B2B (e.g. using the platform to educate your distributors or resellers), there's multiple ways to start building your digital business.

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